Luxurious Senior Living Communities


The luxurious senior living community of Heartis Buckhead offers a live and active lifestyle with the convenience of a suburban living area. It's conveniently, a city that is quickly becoming one of the hottest retirement destinations. "If you have to choose between being healthy and being happy, choose the former," says resident Edith Wrights. "With five swimming pools, fantastic fitness clubs, two on-site salons, a fitness center with an on-site dentist, manicure and pedicure, great meals at the Swimming Pool Restaurant, tennis and golf."
Located on a four-acre lake, Buckhead offers many opportunities for water activities and relaxing swim meets. "We like to swim because it's relaxing and easy to do," says resident Bethany Joyner. "We also get to meet new friends and make new memories as we swim, play in the water, and eat complimentary meals provided by the Buckhead senior living community." residents can take advantage of many on-site activities including boat tours, boat parties, swimming tournaments, kayaking, hiking, biking, nature walks, and more. Click for more info about this senior living community.
The luxurious senior living community of Heartis Buckhead offers two types of independent living: assisted living and independent living. "There are just so many things to do ," says independent resident Ann Tran. "There are activities for the kids to do, movies, exercise classes, and of course, lounging around at night with our guests." Independent seniors living in the luxurious Buckhead community include disabled individuals, college students, single parents, and those just retired.
The luxurious senior living community offers residents exceptional memories to cherish. "I want to be able to go to my own personal library," says resident Carol Taylor. "It's nice to have my own spot where I can get away from everyone and read a book or sit by myself and enjoy a quiet time." Each resident is given several opportunities to live a "life of leisure" through luxurious services such as daily fitness classes, golfing, tennis, dancing lessons, swimming, and more.
A large portion of the senior residents area are individuals who have recently retired from an active and fulfilling career. In fact, several residents choose to live in the luxurious senior living community so they can use their retirement savings to afford long term care. "I like being able to stay in my own house," says retiree Gerald Lewis. "My daughter is not yet there, but I plan to move in with her some day. This gives me the opportunity to save up some money for when my daughter is no longer around." Discover more info about these senior living communities here.
The Buckhead area encompasses some of the most beautiful land. "We have everything you could want right here, with the exception of a river and a couple of mountains," says Jay Kubassek, owner of Big Bear Mountain Realtors. "If you live in one of these communities, your house is right there, so you won't even have to travel out of your way to get to your favorite restaurant or shop." Many of the luxurious, senior living residences are nestled in the hills of the majestic mountain range that surrounds the beautiful city of Atlanta. These homes offer sweeping overlooks of the mountains, endless miles of manicured green landscapes, and access to world-class fitness centers, shopping malls, movies, and fine restaurants. With easy access to everything, these residences provide an escape from the stressful daily grind that most of us take for granted. Check out this post for more details related to this article:
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